Thon Maker – Class of 2016 – 7’0

Thon Maker is a 7’0 prospect from the class of 2016. Thon burst onto the national radar at the 2011 John Lucas Camp in Houston. Thon’s coordination and skill set are amazing considering his height and age. Most big men develop later in high school or even college, but Thon already has above average skills for a 7 footer.

14 Responses to Thon Maker – Class of 2016 – 7’0

  1. edrice is better he can beat any one and so can i so when your ready to play lets go im 6 foot and can dunk to

  2. Carlos Cruz says:

    Do you guys have any ranking for 2016 middle school girls?

  3. Andy F says:

    Who does Thon play for

  4. New Jack City says:

    Khalea is better anyway of the week I guarantee come graduation thon won’t be in top 25

  5. kinsey says:

    Im in 9th grade but im suppose to be in 8th would i still be a 8th grade ranked player

  6. 409TXHoopsWatcher says:

    this kid looks like the 2nd coming of KG.

  7. BILLAUD says:


  8. Justin Jackson says:

    I Feel Like I Should Be On This Site, I’ve Been In The Georgetown Prep Tournament And Did Pretty Good, Im A Talented Player, I Just Dont have The Exposure

  9. money says:

    stop comparing him to kevin garnet please karnett is a good player but cant rebounsand is avg so stop it kg is power forward this guy is a center

  10. Anthony Henry says:

    haha this dudes nice but just like justin jackson said i feel like i should be on this website too. i led my aau team too nationals and we almost won haha im a 5’7 140lbs. point guard and i averaged 18 points. 7 assists. 7 rebounds 4 steals and 2 blocks at my nationals tournament. not too sounds cocky but i think thats pretty good right? haha but umm i just dont have any exposure really

  11. Claw says:

    Thon Maker is a good player…However I saw have problems with Isaiah Jones from the Dream Team in MN.

  12. Claw says:

    Again Thon Maker is a beast!

  13. Number 22 says:

    Can’t wait to play you guys I’m also in class of 2016 Shooting guard 6″0-6″1

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