Rank Player Image Player Name Height State City
1 Player Name 1′ 1″ OH Cleveland
2 Player Name 1′ 1″ OH Cleveland
3 Player Name 1′ 1″ OH Cleveland
4 Player Name 1′ 1″ OH Cleveland
5 Player Name 1′ 1″ OH Cleveland
6 Player Name 1′ 1″ OH Cleveland
7 Player Name 1′ 1″ OH Cleveland
8 Player Name 1′ 1″ OH Cleveland
9 Player Name 1′ 1″ OH Cleveland
10 Player Name 1′ 1″ OH Cleveland
11 Player Name 1′ 1″ OH Cleveland
12 Player Name 1′ 1″ OH Cleveland
13 Player Name 1′ 1″ OH Cleveland
14 Player Name 1′ 1″ OH Cleveland
15 Player Name 1′ 1″ OH Cleveland
16 Player Name 1′ 1″ OH Cleveland
17 Player Name 1′ 1″ OH Cleveland
18 Player Name 1′ 1″ OH Cleveland
19 Player Name 1′ 1″ OH Cleveland
20 Player Name 1′ 1″ OH Cleveland
21 Player Name 1′ 1″ OH Cleveland
22 Player Name 1′ 1″ OH Cleveland
23 Player Name 1′ 1″ OH Cleveland
24 Player Name 1′ 1″ OH Cleveland
25 Player Name 1′ 1″ OH Cleveland

The 6th grade rankings are alphabetized because we haven’t seen this age group enough to rank this class in order. This is a list of 20 players to keep an eye on in the future.

These rankings are a gauge of where the players are viewed today based on the date given on the rankings. This is not to be confused with where the players are going to be down the road. Far too often parents and youth league coaches get way too caught up into “my kid is this or that” instead of focusing on what can be controlled; skill level and learning how to play.

Just because your son or daughter plays good at middle school camp does NOT mean he is poised for fame. For example I researched a 2004 middle school camp that had “the best” middle school talent in the country, by the time they got to college only 16 of that 270+ kids signed scholarships to play at the High Major/BCS level. That means some kids got better and a lot didn’t, and some came out of nowhere.

With all that said these list should serve as motivation for some and warning for others. Warning that you are a marked man now, that everyone is coming after you, and that you need to turn up your work ethic and focus to remain on top. Parents need to maintain perspective on this game because it is a marathon. Would you want to dart out of the gate in first for a marathon only to finish 250th? Being ranked high early means that you can only go down and you will be critiqued much more closely by all others around. Being the top dog or one of the top dogs means you need to work that much harder to stay on top.

Best of luck to all of you in the future.
Middle School Hoops

25 Responses to 2018

  1. lee fitzgerald father of steven fitzgerald, danny butt says:

    i am father of steven fitizgerald and danny butt of pulaski ky. steven is starter for W.A.C.G. national champs and at super nola tournament they got my kids mixed up on rankings in an enterview so they put danny name in instead of stevens. they both are worth be ranked i agree. they have just won ky 6th grade state championship held at kba in lexington ky two weeks ago and this past weekend won 7th grade state title also. in 6th grade steven was mvp of tournament and steven and danny also made all tournament team. in 7th grade state tournament they made all tournament team. they have won all of the top tournaments in the nation in years past.” noal super 60, king james two years in a row, ky state tournaments since they were in second grade, 5th in division 2 in 2010, MIT in 2011 which steven was mvp, and divion 1 nationals champs 2011, plus numerous other tournaments years past. i hoped to clear up that both are brothers and straighten the mix up between them. thanks father

  2. AAU says:


    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FvKdvw4umwU&w=560&h=315

  3. you can upload photos and you guys will rank me I am tauheed haris of cbc 6th grade

  4. andy voyen says:

    played against tre jones in a aau team, didnt play at all, but he was in a 7th aau team

  5. Sjsprinter says:

    Hello. I was just wondering, how do you find out about these kids? Do tgey send you videos or something? Thanks please reply.

  6. Quavion Basyden says:

    I should be up here cuz I know I’m better than a lot them

  7. mid atlantic eyes says:

    Jaylen Brooks, Marquis Nowell, Atiba Taylor, Luther Muhammad, Jalen Leque, Jamal Whittlesey, Judah McIntyre, Reggie James, D’Marco Baucey, Nazereon Reid, Alex Reid, Dejuan Ellis, Khalid Moore, Brandon Madison, Tyreese Whitaker, Tyler Bourne, James Slater, Denelle Holly, Myles Dread, Nayshon Kane-Hamlet, Zedrick Ferrell, Mikey Watkins, Mikey Esquilin, Shariif Kenny, Prentiss Hubb….

    Every last one of these kids are CERTIFIED BEASTS….

  8. Coach Hill says:

    Hidden Gem and overall best athlete I have seen in KY for a 6th grader since OJ Mayo and Billy Walker. Remember this name as he climbs the 2018 rankings as a true 6th grader.

    Milton Wright

    Probably the best QB not in high school yet in the country too.

    2 sport phenom!

  9. Coach Hill says:

    Another sharp shooter to watch move up quickly in the 2018 class is Kaden Weiter from Christian Academy of Louisville. Once he grows more he will skyrocket. Pure shooter with range and great form.

  10. No name says:

    I should be up there I may be white but I can fricken ball ill take all y’all on and beat half of yah

  11. cj says:

    im better than have of the kids im only 5’6 in the 7th grade class of 2018 i don’t have any videos know but just wait.i play against high school kids im 7/10.

  12. cj says:

    sorry i was typing fast im better than every kid over here.

  13. SportsFan123 says:

    Hey keep a look out for this kid for West Palm Beach name Tysean Shannon he is a great long range shooter with a great upside.

  14. Xpressions Elite says:

    Keep an eye out for Anthony Kelly from Springfield, MA. Class of 2018

  15. Choach T says:

    these rankings are good but you have too see these two kids from the xpress united warriors NC Tyler Smith and Keith Marshall Jr and please check these to players out Thank You

  16. Remember the Name, Will Dillard from 3A independent perennial powerhouse Greensboro Day School…Will is a rising 8th Grader and should be in the Top Five in the nation for rising 8th Graders, class of 2018…Nice player, quick, hops, dunked this past year in a Varsity game as a 7th grader….Why is he not on this list?

  17. Trey Quartlebaum says:

    How do you find these kids and rank them?

  18. Choach brad says:

    my aau team played the xpress united warriors and there point guard #3 and there power forward #6 both averaged a double double the whole weekend so i think you should go check them out and i heard that there next aau tournement is gonna be in maryland so i think you should go check them out please

  19. EliteTraining says:

    Lucas Warhaftig should most definetley be up there!

  20. cj says:

    how come u guys don’t update this theres better people like marvin bagley donavan tautly d’marco baucum ..,

  21. Coach JD says:

    Another great player is Mohammed Danmola he has a smooth feel for the game and has great passing ability. He is from RI and currently goes to Woodlawn Catholic Regional School and plays AAU for Team Providence. This 5’10 forward has a great ability to score in the paint and will be a player to lookout for moving forward. I recommend you check out a few of his school and AAU games next year.

  22. AAU Circuit *East Coast* says:

    A very under looked player for the class of 2018 is definitely Robinson Brown.
    He is a 5’8 PG/SG out of Bridgeport CT. Robinson is a pure shooter with an excellent handle. Robinson plays for the 7th grade Riverside Hawks located in NYC. Last weekend Robinson hit 5 threes against the 8th grade Milbank Flyers finishing with 18 points and 9 assists . As he continues to grow be sure to look out for his name.

  23. Addison says:

    Yall need to come look at me im nice

  24. CJ says:

    My name is cebastian souffrant I have a 24 inch vertical I’m 5’7class of 2018 12 years old about to become an 8th grader suppose to be a class of 2019 I’m really good I’m tester than all of the kids up there I should be getting noticed and stuff I live in Florida I have handles,crazy vision,bounce,and good sportsmanship,I can change speed,and I get buckets,I am a combo guard,I could shoot really well and I can shift my defenders.Honestly I shouldn’t look at this class because not one of them are better then me.I look at the 2017 but soe aren’t even that good.the only good players are me Marvin bagley,Courtney Ramey,Elijah hardy,Damon harge,d’marco baucum Donovan tautly etc…

  25. Aiie Majak says:

    Do i just send in footage then if you guys think i am good you rank me how does it work.

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