Rank Player Image Player Name Height State City
1Thon Maker7′ 0″LANew Orleans
2Khalea Turner6′ 8″LANew Orleans
3Deron Davis6′ 8″CODenver
4VJ King6′ 5″NCCharlotte
5Josh Langford6′ 4″ALBirmingham
6Harry Giles6′ 6″NCWinston-Salem
7Edrice Adebayo6′ 7″NCWashington
8Tyus Battle6′ 3″NJEdison
9Adrian Moore6′ 2″ARConway
10Joe Hampton6′ 4″MDBowie
11Trevor Stanback6′ 10″CASierra Canyon,
12Devearl Ramsey6′ 0″CASierra Canyon
13Wayde Simms6′ 5″LABaton Rouge
14Derryck Thornton6′ 0″CASierra Canyon
15D.P. Burton6′ 8″WIMilwaukee
16Ryan Murphy6′ 0″CALos Angeles
17Jayson Tatum6′ 5″MOSt. Louis
18Antoine Jackson6′ 5″INIndianapolis
19Aaron Augustin5′ 9″GAAtlanta
20Alani Moore5′ 9″MDGermantown
21Seventh Woods5′ 11″SCColumbia
22Sam Green6′ 4″DCWashington
23DeAron Fox6′ 1″TXKaty
24Diondre Overton6′ 2″NCCharlotte
25Caleb Swanigan6′ 5″INFort Wayne
26Davion Thomas6′ 6″GAAtlanta
27Payton Pritchard5′ 9″ORPortland
28Vijay Blackmon6′ 1″INFort Wayne
29Dedrick Lawson6′ 4″TNMemphis
30Eron Gordon5′ 9″INIndianapolis

These rankings are a gauge of where the players are viewed today based on the date given on the rankings. This is not to be confused with where the players are going to be down the road. Far too often parents and youth league coaches get way too caught up into “my kid is this or that” instead of focusing on what can be controlled; skill level and learning how to play.

Just because your son or daughter plays good at middle school camp does NOT mean he is poised for fame. For example I researched a 2004 middle school camp that had “the best” middle school talent in the country, by the time they got to college only 16 of that 270+ kids signed scholarships to play at the High Major/BCS level. That means some kids got better and a lot didn’t, and some came out of nowhere.

With all that said these list should serve as motivation for some and warning for others. Warning that you are a marked man now, that everyone is coming after you, and that you need to turn up your work ethic and focus to remain on top. Parents need to maintain perspective on this game because it is a marathon. Would you want to dart out of the gate in first for a marathon only to finish 250th? Being ranked high early means that you can only go down and you will be critiqued much more closely by all others around. Being the top dog or one of the top dogs means you need to work that much harder to stay on top.

Best of luck to all of you in the future.
Middle School Hoops

41 Responses to 2016

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  3. brad knight says:

    i think you guys need to come to pittsburgh,pa and see how are 8th graders play

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  6. robert says:

    One of the kids on this list (I won’t mention his name) has played against a kid from the small town of Knightstown, IN on several occasions and the kid from K-town has schooled him everytime which goes to show this list at this early an age means as bout as much as a three dollar bill.

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  12. big threay says:

    Funny how some of these kids are not even the Best players on their team but ranked top in the nation , instead of ranking kids on how they played one or two days at camp where everyones out there ball hogging you should go to actuall games. I laugh at all these sites claiming to know who the top kids are and a lot of the time people doing the ranking never seen these kids play.

    • REAL. Eron Gordon is easily the best player in Indy. LOL.. Rated under 2 of his teammates. #17 Seventh Woods? Crazy!!! #23 Dearon Fox? WOW!! Both DC Assault & LA Select have 4 players that should be Top25 in class of 2016!!! Stacked teams with big names, hard to get the deserved looks!!!
      Cut – Wade Simms, Ryan Murphy, Payton Pritchard, Jayson Tatum, VJ Blackmon, Antonie Jackson
      Add – James Walker, Malik Crowfield, Malik Foy, Junstin Jackson, Raykem Felder, Devonte Green, Devin Newton, Reggie Gardner, Bryce Aiken

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  14. HYPE says:

    Glad they are ranked now because they won’t be in 4 years. This must be a ‘potential’ ranking! lol

  15. Dunbar, WV- 8th grader Brandon Knapper receives 1st recruiting letter from the University of Arizona, and no one has him ranked any where, ha? I seen him tear it up at the Cincy Cavaliers Best of the Best a couple of years ago, and had a chance to see him rip up alot of these guys in AAU nationals. I seen him at major national showcase camp do very well, He just didn’t get caught up with all the ball hogging (a true point guard), that some of these camps encourage, is this what you have to do to get ranked? Well I guess someone from Arizona liked his game.

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  17. This list will definitely change sooner than later. Never seen a couple of players but ill cut about 6 from the list & switch “alot” of spots. NOT EVEN A POTENTIAL RANKING!!!

  18. Brad sims says:

    You have alot of players that don’t have any buisness being ranked. Murphy is at least 50. Swanigan at least 80. Peyton pritchard 100 . I don’t know what you are seeing.

  19. payton ket says:

    Your rankings suck!! You have players on here that have no buisness in the top 50 let alone the top 30!!

  20. Texas BBall says:

    De’Aaron Fox is at least top 15 have you seen this kid play?!?!??

    If Kevin Durant and Rajon Rondo were fused together it would be this kid at the age of 13

  21. New Jack City says:

    I don’t know about this list at all I can’t wait to see that elite tournament in Utah LA Select does have a few players that should be in it also DC Assault Eron Gordon and De’Aaron Fox should easily be top 15. I’m guessing you were probably paid off for those Cali kids because there is no way any “REAL” scout or recruit is taking Deveral Ramsey or Ryan Murphy over Gordon and Fox. Also Jason Tatum??? Are you kidding me Fox ate him alive at 7th grade nationals he might have finished with 8 Dedric Lawson carried that team on his back that game.

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  23. Connor Kalish says:

    Jayson Tatum Will be one of the best players in the country by the time there seniors he just needs to get stronger and faster he will be at least 6’11. Mark My Words

  24. robert prado says:

    where is payton marshall and chase turnipseed on this list?! are you kidding me they are the best 8th graders ive seen in years(and i go to plenty of tournaments) they are at least top 15! and payton pritchard? really? give me a break these rankings suck! marshall and turnipseed both averaged at least 25ppg and at least 10apg! the people that make the rankings should do more research

    • kalin hooper says:

      agreed. marshall and turnipseed ate seventh woods and diondre overton alive in a tournament in waynesville! why are they not on this list?! if you ever get a chance to see the asheville kings play, then go because you do not want to miss these guys!

      • Sandra Grace says:

        I know this is late but, I felt compelled to respond:
        Diondre Overton and Seventh Woods have never played together. What tournament are you referring to in Waynesville? Diondre Overton has never been to Waynesville and didn’t play ball from January 2012-June 2012. Too much emphasis placed on which player is better than the other. Have an academic debate and then you’re talking about something!!!! All of these young men are very talented and should be encouraged to continue working hard to develop themselves and foster good sportsmanship along the way. If some of the wanna be basketball player parents-living my hoop dreams through my child-I’m an honorary coach now b/c my child is a great player parents would sit down and allow these kids to come into their own I think the consensus would be “This generation has some talented young players and they all deserve an opportunity to further their education with THEIR talent”.
        Mom Knows Best!!

  25. Malik Thomas says:

    Everybody has different ideas where players should be ranked. All of these players are good and there are players not on here that maybe should be.
    I was at the John Lucas camp this last weekend with my son and he had a hard time with some of the players there. Tons of talent, the bigs were awesome.
    I have to say the Payton Pritchard kid should be ranked higher, hands down the best pure point guard I have seen in a long time. If you have not seen him play you should, I told my son if he had a point guard like that he would avg. 10 more points a game. Also, Deron Davis from Colorado is a beast, the best big there.
    Justin Langford from Alabama is a very special player and will play big time college basketball.

  26. mike says:


  27. I would love to see some of the kids whofailed to get mentioned, attend my September 23, 2012 Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase in Columbus, Ohio! For an invitation, email me at Taylorobe@aol.com. Visit our website at http://www.BuckeyePrep.blogspot.com.

  28. andrew mcfarlane says:

    where is joshua jackson?

  29. slavko duric says:

    You need to expand your horizons a little more north of the 49th parallel my man , especially with the recent ( last 5 years ) entourage of Canadian kids playing D1 ball at major schools. Currently Canada boasts the NUMBER ONE high school player on the planet regardless of class in ANDREW WIGGINS at Hunington Prep . I mention this because at your early assessment of 13-14 kids who are in the class of 2016 you ought to do a little research on two cats who are going to be as known as WIGGINS very quickly . JUSTIN JACKSON is a 6’7″ PG who is a 9th grader at Eastern Commerce high school in Toronto and the next one is JAMAL MURRAY who is a 6’4″ PG at Grand River high school in Kitchener , Ontario , I am willing to bet they are in terms skill #1 and # 2 in all of NORTH AMERICA, which may include some kids from Mexico who I do not know of !!!!!

  30. patrick says:

    Watch out for Patrick Sullivan from Iowa you need to see him great player

  31. Shawn says:

    Florida University Patrick Sulliavns goal is to play basketball for you make sure you watch out for him.

  32. sean lockhart says:

    come to upper darby and go to beverlyt hills and kwahzere ransom he has crazy handles he can shoot and he has defense better watch out for him

  33. sean lockhart says:

    come to upper darby and go to beverly hills and kwahzere ransom he has crazy handles he can shoot and he has defense better watch out for him

  34. Rajon Rondo says:

    I was in this position and i was shocked to see how tall these guys already are!! Thon Maker at 7 feet tall!

  35. cj says:

    where is jashuean agosto

  36. cj says:

    are you ranking them bye height

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