EJ Jackson 2019 Official Mixtape Volume 1


EJ Jackson is a 13 year old from California who has insane ball handling skills and is cementing himself as the most exciting player in the Class of 2019. EJ Jackson made a name for himself on the national stage after leading his City Stars team within one game of the AAU National Championships.

The West Coast lead guard has the ball on a string and is virtually unstoppable off the bounce. Jackson does most of his damage driving and dishing the ball to open teammates or shooting three pointers. His midrange game mainly consists of floaters in the lane. One of the young guard’s best attributes is his ability to lock up his opponents on defense with his athleticism and low center of gravity.

The City Stars floor general is still perfecting his craft and deciding when to take defenders one on one and when to run his team. That said, Jackson is virtually unstoppable off the dribble so it makes sense that he is still learning to pick his spots. At this point EJ Jackson is being mentioned as one of the top guards in the Class of 2019 Basketball Rankings along with Tyger Campbell, Javon Blackshear, Marquise Walker, Jeremiah Francis, and Johnathan McGriff.

The track on the mixtape below is by Timeless Beats “Grab All The Cash” make sure to support him at www.TimelessBeats.com

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TJ Jordan 2019 with Vision and Lock Down Defense

TJ Jordan is a 2019 prospect who made a nice impression on spectators and scouts at AAU Nationals in Memphis. TJ Jordan played with Team Florida alongside Balsa Koprivica and Bryan Sanders. Jordan showed his ability to dish the ball off especially in half court settings. Another big time component of TJ’s game is his defense which allows him to greatly influence the action. There is room for development on Jordan’s jumper but overall TJ is a solid prospect in the class of 2019.

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Tyger Campbell Official Mixtape Volume 1


Tyger Campbell is one of the top players in the Class of 2019, here is his OFFICIAL MIXTAPE from MiddleSchoolHoops. The 7th Grader has great handles, superb vision, and can absolutely fill it up. He’s being regarded as the top point guard in the class by some. Tyger’s reputation has gained steam after a big time Summer on the circuit playing with We All Can Go.

This coming season the lead guard will take his game to the next level as he plays high school basketball for CPA in Tennessee. Tyger will no doubt be challenged by older, more physical competition, but it should be a good decision. Campbell played his best basketball while playing up on the 2018 We All Can Go squad where he was more engaged and usually had his game firing on all cylinders.

While Tyger is one of the most highly touted players in the country there is still room for improvement. Campbell has a good stroke, but needs to improve his consistency from three point range. Any coach would be happy to have Tyger as his point guard because of the way he distributes and creates shots for himself. If you haven’t heard of Tyger Campbell, watch the video below and get familiar.

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Beyuan Hendricks 2019 guard with a smooth pull up jumper


Beyuan Hendricks is a 6’0 guard from Cleveland Tennessee. The Class of 2019 prospect has a deadly pull up jumper and finished well in transitions at AAU Nationals in Memphis this year. Playing for We All Can Go, Hendricks made a name for himself by filling it up against All Ohio Red and providing WACG with a scoring boost throughout the tournament.

Beyuan Hendricks showed that he could do more than just score at nationals making several very nice passes in transition and half court sets. While he is more of a scoring threat than a distributor, his game is not limited to putting numbers on the board. Beyuan has a consistent three point shot and can lock up defenders when he focuses on defense.

Like many young players there is room for improvement in Hendricks’ game. Being consistent and bringing 100% effort every game as well as ball handling are areas with opportunities for growth. Now that he has made a name for himself it’s time to see how Beyuan develops and how hard he will work to become a household name. One things for sure, the grassroots basketball world is now familiar with Beyuan Hendricks.

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Chris Paul speaks to campers at CP3 Rising Stars Camp 2014


Chris Paul spoke to the campers at the CP3 Rising Stars Camp 2014 in North Carolina this weekend. One of the points he made was to enjoy the moment instead of trying to put everything on Instagram. It is a bit ironic to put this video on social networks, but it’s my job to document what’s going on, so here’s video of CP3′s words for all the campers that were enjoying the moment.

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EJ Montgomery throws down at Adidas Nations


EJ Montgomery put down this big dunk on the break at Adidas Nations in Los Angeles tonight in a win over Team Africa. Montgomery is playing with and against some of the best players in the country at the prestigious Adidas camp. It’s an honor to be invited to the camp, but it’s even more impressive that Montgomery is attending before he enters high school. EJ will be playing alongside Thon Maker and Dennis Smith Jr during the camp. Stay tuned for much more from EJ Montgomery on MiddleSchoolHoops.com

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Balsa Koprivica 6’9 Class of 2019 Prospect from Serbia


Balsa Koprivica is one of the biggest prospects in the Class of 2019. The big man from Serbia stands 6’9 and has an amazing skill set to go along with his height and mobility. The Serbian big man has dominated the youth basketball circuit this Spring and Summer. Running with a talented Team Florida squad Balsa has done battle with some of the best players in the country playing in the NYBL and at AAU Nationals. During 7th grade nationals the center went head to head with talented bigs Chandler Lawson and Francis Okoro.

Screen shot 2014-07-29 at 11.08.04 AM

After first bursting onto the scene at AAU Nationals last year with CATS, Balsa Koprivica has become a phenom in youth basketball over the past 6 months. The exposure that comes from playing the NYBL is undeniable and it’s where Balsa Koprivica made his name with big time performances in Atlanta, Louisville, and Columbus. Although he is still developing, his skill set is already remarkable.

ChandlervsBalsaInstaBalsa Koprivica has amazing mobility for his size, he can step outside and shoot jumpers with range to the three point line, and blocks everything in the paint.  The Serbian big can pass out of double teams and has a very nice touch on shots around the rim, including a developing baby hook.   There aren’t many players in recent memory that possess the size and skill that Balsa does at such a young age.

The Class of 2019 is loaded with talent, but only a few players could impact a high level high school game right now, one of them is Balsa Koprivica who has skills that will translate in a big way.  Middle School basketball hasn’t seen a player like Balsa for some time, and it will be very interesting to watch his development in the future.  As things stand currently Balsa Koprivica is one of the top 2019 prospects in the country and it’s hard to see that changing any time soon.

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Tyger Campbell drops dime FROM THE GROUND

Tyger Floor Dime MSH

Tyger Campbell drops dimes on a routine basis, but this one was different because he was on the floor when he passed the ball off to his teammate for the easy lay up. Many players, especially those who are highly ranked forget that they need to hustle and scrap for every loose ball. But Tyger Campbell is an exception to that rule, routinely hitting the floor for loose balls and hustling in spite of the fact that he is a highly praised guard from the Class of 2019. Stay tuned for Tyger’s big mixtape coming very soon on MiddleSchoolHoops.com

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Balsa Koprivica vs Francis Okoro – 2019 Big Men Battle

BalsaANDFrancis Balsa Koprivica and Francis Okoro are two of the top big men in the Class of 2019. Balsa Koprivica (white jersey) and Francis Okoro (blue jersey) matched up at 2014 7th Grade AAU Nationals in Memphis in early July. The 2019 Big Men both showed up in a big way in this match up.

We All Can Go defeated Team Florida but both of the young bigs put up numbers, especially on the glass and the defensive end. Balsa Koprivica went 4-10 from the field finishing with 9 points, 13 rebounds, and 5 blocks. Francis Okoro finished with 5 points, 14 rebounds, and 7 blocks. Young big men tend to develop slowly but both of these players are well ahead of the curve.

Balsa is much more polished on the offensive end. The 6’9 post can step outside and knock down mid range jumpers, has a developing hook, and can even put the ball on the floor to create shots in some circumstances. Francis is a monster on the defensive side of the ball. He controls the boards and blocks shots better than most players his age. While there is still room for improvement on the offensive end, MiddleSchoolHoops is confident that working with Omhar Carter of MBA Hoops will be key in Okoro’s development with the ball in his hands.

Both of these young big men are amazing prospects because of their size, mobility, and skill sets. Stay tuned to MiddleSchoolHoops.com for more from them and the class of 2019.

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Connor Vanover is 7’1 with a JUMPER – Class of 2018


Connor Vanover is not like most 15 year olds (he just turned 15 in late June). The rising freshman is over seven feet tall and he hasn’t started high school yet. Besides being extremely tall, Vanover is unique because he has an amazingly smooth stroke with range on his jumper that extends to the three point line. Most young big men struggle with body control and often miss shots around the rim, but the seven footer from Arkansas is consistent from midrange and beyond.

Screen shot 2014-07-12 at 3.13.20 AM

It’s hard to see a young player with this much potential and not get excited, some are even comparing the youngster to NBA star Dirk Nowitzki. While comparisons are fun, they can create unrealistic expectations. Having said that, it’s hard to not see a hint of Dirk when Connor is shooting fadeaway jumpers over defenders. Screen shot 2014-07-12 at 3.14.23 AM

Connor Vanover had a great showing at the 2014 John Lucas International Middle School Combine in Houston this Spring. Playing against some of the top middle schoolers in the country the Little Rock native showed great touch around the rim finishing over and around opponents in the lane. His improvement over the last two years was evident almost immediately as Vanover made huge strides with his mobility and his back to the basket game. Already known for his feathery jumper, Connor did not disappoint as he connected on high percentage of mid range and three point shots throughout the camp.

While Vanover is an amazing prospect there is still work to be done. There is room for improvement in the paint as the Arkansas Wings big man doesn’t have a go to post move yet. In some games Connor starts off shooting deep jumpers, where it may be more beneficial to start inside and work his way out. However, these are components of his game that can be worked on and improved. His talent is undeniable and you can’t teach a kid to be 7 feet tall. The most important thing to remember is that young big men normally develop late. With this in mind, Connor Vanover is WAY ahead of the curve and MiddleSchoolHoops expects to hear his name many more times over the next couple years.

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