Nobal Days 6’7 Seventh Grader Does it All

Nobal Days is a 6’7 seventh grader who does it all for his team Butler Elite. It’s easy to say that Nobal is better than other players because he’s tall, but that is a very short sighted view. Nobal is a great passer in the post, can handle the ball very well for a big man, routinely blocks shots, and runs the floor like a deer.

Recently Nobal has ran into some road blocks as he is being penalized for dunking in games, but that won’t be enough to hold the big man down. So far this season the Butler Elite 2019 team has a 32-3 record and Nobal is gaining praise from grassroots enthusiasts across the nation.

It’s refreshing to see a young big man who isn’t afraid to bang inside and passes the ball so well. While many big guys want to step outside and launch threes, you can find Nobal Days pulling down rebounds and firing outlet passes to open teammates. With the combination of size, skill, and positive attitude that Nobal Days possesses it’s hard to imagine him being anything besides a star in the near future.

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Bol Bol continues to improve – Coach T Video

Bol Bol was introduced to the world at the 2012 CrossRoads Elite Camp in Indianapolis (Video at the bottom of this post). The 6’5 sixth grader wowed spectators with deep three point range and behind the back passes. At the time the late Manute Bol’s son was still gaining the strength and coordination necessary to support his slight frame.

Fast forward a couple years and Bol Bol is dunking on opponents on fast breaks and handling the ball very well. Potential is beginning to meet player in the case of Bol Bol and the future is looking very bright. His insanely long frame allows him to make plays that most 8th graders couldn’t dream of.

At the Coach T classic last weekend the 2018 prospect showed a vastly improved skill set that puts him solidly in the top 25 players in the class of 2018 rankings. As his frame continues to fill out, Bol will become even more dangerous. While the ???? product has already shown great improvement, he is far from a finished product, which makes the future even more scary.

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NYBL Mixtape from Session #1 in Washington DC

The NYBL Mixtape from Session #1 is finally HERE!!! The National Youth Basketball League kicked off the 2014 season in style. Big time players went head to head and teams got a chance to see how they stacked up against the best in the nation. Shemar Morrow made national news when he dropped 53 points and dunked in a game as a sixth grader. Scottie Lewis threw down jaw dropping dunks and battled Jordan Mitchell. Zion Harmon showed why he’s considered the #1 player in 2021 and went head to head with Jordan Toles. Kyree Walker showed his amazing handle and Nobal Days ruled the paint. Here’s all the best action from NYBL Session #1.

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AJ Hoggard Play of the Day – Team Rio at NYBL #1

AJ Hoggard showed why he’s a highly respected floor general for Team Rio National. The Class of 2019 point guard used his crafty ball handling skills and ability to finish in the lane to make some big plays at NYBL in DC. Hoggard’s steady hand and play making ability make him a dangerous weapon a team with a ton of fire power. Expect Team Rio to keep making noise in the National Youth Basketball League.

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Links 3/29 – Tyger Campbell video, Jeremiah Francis article

Today’s link sections kicks off with an Iowa Elites video of Tyger Campbell putting in work at the Coach T Classic. Next up Jr Future 150 did a great write up on Ohio point guard Jeremiah Francis. BBall Spotlight was in DC for the NYBL event and they bring you 7th grade rankings from session #1. We round out the links section with a post from Junior Seen about the first Georgia Cup of the 2014.

- Jeremiah Francis write up by Jr Future 150

- Top 7th Graders from the first NYBL Session by BBall Spotlight

- March 25th Junior Seen post covering The first Georgia Cup of the 2014

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Scottie Lewis vs Jordan Mitchell – 2019 Battle at NYBL

Scottie Lewis and Jordan Mitchell went head to head at the NYBL in Washington, DC. Two of the top players in the Class of 2019 Basketball Rankings met up on the first day of the NYBL and they didn’t disappoint as both players put up big numbers. All Ohio ended up winning the game 58-49 behind Mitchell’s 21 point, 5 steal, 3 rebound performance. Scottie Lewis stuffed the stat sheet with 12 points, 7 blocks, 11 rebounds, and 4 steals. Keep an eye on both of these young prospects and stay up to date on their latest exploits on

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Damon Harge shows ridiculous handles

Damon Harge is at it again. In his new Home Team Hoops video the Class of 2018 point guard showed that his handle is getting even stronger after his third year of playing high school basketball. Harge played with Each 1 Teach 1 at the Travel Team Jamboree in Lakeland, Florida. After a winning the state title with his his high school team Orlando Christian Prep, Damon is ready to have a huge Spring/Summer on the circuit.

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Jeremiah Francis Play of the Day – NYBL #1

Jeremiah Francis is a 7th grade guard from Ohio who put down this acrobatic lay up against a superb defender in Team Rio National’s Scottie Lewis. Francis is known as a knock down shooter and a crafty passer, but in this play the Class of 2019 point guard showed his athleticism. Look for more from Jeremiah Francis and NYBL on

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Jordan Toles vs Zion Harmon at NYBL in DC

The first session of the NYBL featured some of the nations top teams and players. One of the match ups that was looking forward to was the battle between Jordan Toles and Zion Harmon. Team Glory and Banneker Kings squared off in a big time game that saw both Jordan Toles and Zion Harmon scoring nearly 20 points.

Zion Harmon is a point guard who can score the ball, while Jordan Toles is a scoring guard who can run the point. Toles has great size for a sixth grader and uses his strength to score through contact in the paint. Harmon is a crafty lead guard who can absolutely fill it up. The different styles of play clashed in an instant classic and neither player shrunk from the challenge.

Glory ended up winning the game, handing Banneker Kings their only loss in session 1 (Thanks to Spencer Pulliam for that info). Both Zion and Jordan are great prospects in their respective classes. Toles is considered a Top 5 player in 2020, while Zion Harmon is widely considered the #1 player in the 2021 Basketball Rankings. Expect both Team Glory and Banneker Kings to be atop the NYBL rankings as the league continues.

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Links 3/26 – Cameron Reddish, Rowan Barrett Jr, NYBL Standings

The links section starts out with a video of Butler Elite vs Academy Prep Hawks from this past weekends NYBL event in Washington, DC. Then Spencer Pulliam takes a look at Cameron Reddish and the roots of Team Final grassroots basketball. Prolific Performance is next up with a feature on Canadian prospect Rowan Barrett Jr. Finally take a look at the NYBL standings after session #1.

- Cameron Reddish write up by Spencer Pulliam of Jr Future 150

Rowan Barrett Jr NYBL article by Prolific Performance

- NYBL Standings after session #1

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